Authored by Stephen Youts

You may not know what Periscope is, but even if you put this article down right now, you will soon. Periscope enables you to stream video, live from your phone -- it gives microbroadcasting a visual component.

The app was developed in 2013 after its creators were in Istanbul during a series of protests. They initially looked to Twitter for information on the protests, but they were disappointed by the lack of any video coverage from social media sources.

Twitter saw the value in Periscope early, acquiring the company in 2015, before the app even launched. User growth has been rapid since that launch, and Periscipe now boasts over ten million users. In August of 2015, one of the creators noted that the total userbase was viewing 40 man-years of video each day.

While already a success, Periscope's acquisition by Twitter ensures that it will only continue to grow. There are millions of Twitter users and because of the similarities in the design of the two apps, users of one will be immediately more familiar with the other than competing apps, such as Meerkat.

Periscope is one of those apps to watch out for – it's an up and comer, and although many people aren't aware of it yet, they will be soon.

Authored by Stephen Youts

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