Market-Driven Design

Authored by Stephen Youts

Ten years ago, a company with a strong web presence was forward-thinking and tech savvy.

Today, having an online presence is essential for a business, and customers will take note if you don't have one. They'll ask questions - questions that create a negative conversation about your brand.

Is this business legitimate? Are they too small to afford a web presence? Are they behind the times?

Because it's what customers expect, businesses need to cultivate a strong online presence. In order to get a website, a lot of companies out there just hire a freelancer or even set up a website from a templated service. So, if it's that easy, why come to a firm like ours? The difference lies in how we approach the work, from the first conversation with a client to the final product.

Everything is market-driven. We don't sell websites, we learn about a client's company and then design something that can engage their target market. Instead of crafting art pieces with an ironclad design vision, we use analytics and research to guide our designs, creating a user experience consistent with a company's mission.

Our design philosophy hinges around working with our clients to create a web presence that is a functional enhancement to their business rather than just a perfunctory item off a checklist of tech objects.

Authored by Stephen Youts

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